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Crystal Spirits

Angels and Spirit Guides (How to Call Upon Your Angels and Spirit Guide for Help) by Sylvia Browne

R 295.00 R 99.00

On this uniquely forthright and captivating CD program—recorded live—psychic/bestselling author Sylvia Browne addresses the fascinating concepts surrounding angels and spirit guides. Every religion has angels, Sylvia tells us. Different from spirit guides, angels are spiritual messengers who are available to help us if we will simply ask for their assistance. Sylvia goes on to discuss the properties of angels; the true nature of God, good, evil, and the Other Side; and explains how we can overcome guilt, accept ourselves, and thereby understand our own particular “contract.” 

In the second half of the program, Sylvia leads a meditation that invokes the presence of our angels and individual spirit guides, and invites them to communicate with us. We feel their protection, receive their healing, and with Sylvia’s encouragement, learn how to ask them for the help we desire.