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Crystal Spirits

Healing Heart Bracelet

R 220.00

Use the lava to carry your favourite essential oils on you.

Rose Quartz is called the Heart Stone, and is the stone of love. Not just romantic love, but unconditional love for oneself, for children, community, the earth, universe and the Divine.

A calming and reassuring crystal, Rose Quartz’s soothing vibration calms emotions and helps to release tension and stress. It is a great stone for dissolving anger and resentment.

Rose Quartz activates the heart chakra, and the overriding vibrations are thought to penetrate to the cellular level. Its physical support is to help balance the heart, calming palpitations and irregular heartbeat*.

Rose Quartz is great to give as a gift, spreading compassion and loving vibration to the recipient and anyone whose life is touched by your gift.

Hematite is very stabilizing and grounding. It is a calming stone that can help with any type of mental activities that require significant mental organization.

Emotionally, hematite decreases negativity. Hematite is associated with the root Chakra.