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Crystal Spirits

Congo Citrine Point

R 285.00

 Raw Citrine Crystals are almost impossible to find and so very, very rare and we are excited to have them available to you at a reasonable and affordable price. 
These rare, raw, gorgeous Citrine crystal originate from the South African Congo, a location where the most beautiful and rare Citrine in the world originate. Each piece in this lot holds a beautiful citrine glow and an exceptionally high vibration. This is an excellent piece to hold during meditation and there is no better stone for healing the solar plexus than this beautiful crystal. A must have for your crystal toolkit and personal collection. 


Citrine holds a warm, sunny energy and is a joy-filled reminder of your divine essence. Citrine is excellent for transmuting negative energy and activates self-confidence and joy in one’s life. It helps to lift the mood and remove any feelings of unworthiness or inferiority. Citrine is wonderful for attracting success and wealth and is known as “the merchant’s stone” and can be placed in a cash drawer or the “wealth corner” (feng shui) of the home to attract abundance. One might carry Citrine in their purse or pocket as a general good-luck stone.

Citrine can be used to cleanse all chakras, and to energize the power center of the body, the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra). The sunny energy of this stone holds a joyful vibration that transmits that energy to the holder as well as those nearby. Citrine helps to lift the mood, release anger, and learn effective communication skills. It heightens imagination and creativity while opening the mind to new ideas of expansion. Invite this lovely energy into your space and feel the sunshine and joy this beautiful stone can bring into your life.