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Crystal Spirits

Cleansing Kit

R 39.00

Light your black candle and starting from the front door, walk through your home banishing all the negative energy and talking loudly to the “house spirit”.

Once you have finished walking throughout the home place the burning black candle in the centre of your house. Next, take your Purify the House incense (or any other you prefer) and walk through the home smudging every corner, use as many sticks of incense as you like.

Finally, smudge your spiritual Feng Shui tools with incense. Then wash your hands preferably with rough salt and water to remove any stagnant energy. If you can, play soft gentle music as you cleanse and Feng Shui your sacred space.

According to the instructions place each Feng Shui spiritual tool in the designated areas. For example, if the Feng Shui Cure has to be placed in the east- this means east of your home. Office, living room or bedroom. Simply divide the designated area up into the 8 compass directions and place your Feng Shui Cure in that particular area. It can be in your private bedroom, or throughout your home and business. It is all up to you and your intuition! Download our free instructions on our website to Create your salt cures and place them in the south-west and centre of your home.


  • Black Candle
  • White Candle
  • Purify the House
  • Your choice of Positive Incense