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Crystal Spirits

Emerald Tumbled for Financial Prosperity

R 60.00

Resonating with the Heart Chakra, this precious gem facilitates an awakening to Divine Love: the kind of love that starts within the self and radiates outward toward all of creation. Working with emerald brings forth energies of tenderness, forgiveness, compassion, and trust – all qualities of our higher natures. Emerald is known to be the purest crystalline form of the Green Ray, and, on top of all of its wonderful heart-healing benefits, is a powerful attractor of financial prosperity!

To work with this tumbled emerald, incorporate it into meditation. Hold your gem as you close your eyes and envision your heart space illuminating and activating, opening itself up to receive all of the love, joy, healing, and prosperity that you deserve. These gems are also incredible pieces to incorporate into crystal grids, or to keep in your pocket for magic that will encompass and protect you all day. However you choose to use this tumbled emerald, may it serve you well, and lead you to the beautiful places that your heart longs for.