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Crystal Spirits

Eve A. Wood- What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean? A Kit for Self Growth and Healthy Relationships

R 395.00

Award-winning author, psychiatrist and teacher, Eve A. Wood, M.D., brings you the easy-to-use WHAT AM I FEELING AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN:  A Kit for Self-Growth and Healthy Relationships, based on her more than 28,000 hours of clinical work with patients.  In this kit, you’ll learn crucial lessons about what feelings are, how to name them, why they matter, and how to use them to transform your life and relationships.  Included within you’ll find:

  • Aguidebook that outlines the program—teaching you how to identify and honor your feelings, how to communicate effectively, and how to use your feelings to gain personal fulfillment and the love you want  
  • 295refrigerator magnets containing feeling words and communication tools that you’ll be using for self-empowerment and healthy relationships
  • 28beautiful cards including feeling identification lists, communication tools and fabulous affirmations that you will be using as you work the program 
  • Ajournal for you to record your progress
  • ACD, narrated by Dr. Wood, filled with guidance, support, affirmations and guided-imagery tools for your immediate and regular use