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Crystal Spirits

The Book of Life: The Master-Key to Inner Peace and Relationship Harmony by Gay Hendricks

R 295.00

The Book of Life is a new rendering of one of the most influential transformational books in human history. Originally collected by the students of Epictetus, the most famous teacher of conscious living in turbulent first-century Rome, this book presents a brilliantly simple formula for resolving the most complex problems of psychological and spiritual growth. The bold goal of Epictetus’s teachings is to give the seeker a reliable way to experience happiness amidst all the ups and downs of human existence.
The essence of the book is contained in its first sentence and is echoed throughout: Misery comes from trying to control things that you are powerless to control, and happiness comes from correctly placing your attention on things you can control. Although there have been many versions of this master-work throughout the centuries, the current rendition aims for something new: an experiential, whole-person understanding so that the reader can feel as well as contemplate its wisdom.

*Includes a meditative CD