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Crystal Spirits

The Alchemist's Journey: An Old System for a New Age by Glennie Kindred

R 195.00

this account of 12 months in her life, much-loved author Glennie Kindred explores the powerful fusion of alchemy with the eight Celtic festivals, and shows us how to tap in to the natural energy of transformation inherent in the earth’s cycles. Full of practical ideas to encourage us to be open to the power of transformation, and written in an inspiring and accessible style, this book brings the ancient alchemical processes into a fresh, clear light. Glennie shows us how each season is an opportunity to develop, adapt, and experience ourselves in a new way. This inspires us to unlock the love that brings healing to ourselves and our relationship to the earth. She reveals how we can find this true alchemical gold and become a powerful force for positive change in the world.