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Crystal Spirits

Golden Stove Meditation- Recharge Your Lower Dantian Energy Point

R 442.00

  • Are you feeling empty?
  • Lethargic?
  • Overwhelmed by daily situations , or the simple things you need to do.
  • Depleted of energy? Like you just want to give up! 
  • Feel like lying in bed with the covers over your head?

Your lower Dantian could be running on empty!! It is as simple as that!!

This is traditionally considered  to be a centre or “qi” or life force energy point. This is where the essence or spirit is said to be stored and is released for regeneration, sexual energy, menstruation and semen. The lower dantean is important as a focus point of breathing techniques as well as the centre of balance and gravity. This cauldrons needs reheating to keep us in balance. 

If this important energy point is depleted your creative energy will be out the door. You will not be able to function properly and you will most definitely feel out of balance. The frightening thing is that this will affect all areas of your life.

So, how do we solve this problem. Through  a simple  breathe practice using sacred oils and the energy of crystals.  This can nourish and help you strengthen your lower Dantian energy point.



  • 2 small South West African Black Tourmalines. R 60.00
  • 1 tumbled clear quartz.  R10.00
  • 1 tumbled Mahogony obsidian R15.00
  • 1 South African Stichtite. R20.00
  • 1 Malawian Aegerine. R 180.00
  • 1 tea light and incense R12.00
  • 1 sacred oil. R50.00
  • 1 sacred spray. R95.00

Total :  R442.00

Rewards value: 4420 POINTS