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Crystal Spirits

Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled

R 20.00

As a protective mirroring stone, tumbled mahogany obsidian guards your auric space by creating an auric shield, and sends others’ energies back to them three-fold. Mahogany obsidian is also a Root Chakra healer. It helps you feel safe, protected, welcome, and secure in your life. Obsidian is a gentle grounding stone that heals tears and holes in the auric field. It reminds you of your inner strength and your latent fire. It aids in shadow work, letting go, and grieving, but it also brings protection and strength. The deeper magic of tumbled mahogany obsidian This one is for my warriors. These juicy specimens carry such strong energy. While mahogany obsidian is a gentle grounding stone, it also supports the warrior and warrioress heading into battle. It enables the bearer to face life’s struggles and challenges with strength and courage. You can meditate with your tumbled mahogany obsidian specimen to see yourself more accurately and clearly — this reflection will help you make necessary changes and modifications to your life in order for you to live in full alignment with your Higher Self.