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The Crystal Spirits

Orange River Quartz

R 130.00


Orange River Quartz is a highly energetic crystal that helps to restore vitality levels back into your life, nurturing and supporting all levels of being. Orange River Quartz Crystal adds zest to life and is an excellent crystal tool for recharging the base and sacral chakras. Orange River Quartz energetically resonates with the vermilion flame resulting in the uplifting of the spiritual will and connection to the understanding of life’s purpose. Orange River Quartz supports mind expansion with greater awareness and the release of negative thoughts patterns and behaviour. Orange River Quartz symbolises the process of emerging, heat, growth, traction, the bringing forth of vital energies and regeneration of spirit much like the return of the native inhabitants and the geologic transforming environment of the local hot springs near Riemvasmaak. Orange River Quartz offers energetic support to the beginning stages of a project and plants the seeds of creative ideas and problem solving. Orange River Quartz supports the perseverance of your labours from the beginning to the final outcome. Orange River Quartz Crystal facilitates loving relationships and the attraction of love. Orange River Quartz restores the capacity for enjoyment, opening one to both give and receive pure pleasure.