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Crystal Spirits

Petrified Wood Tumbled

R 10.00

Petrified wood is totally magical. Imagine – wood that has become like rock over the course of millions and millions of years, now sits in your hand, holding the wisdom of time and the ancients.

How many lifetimes have passed since the wood you see tumbled and rock-like here was standing tall and strong with limbs and leaves? All of that time is collapsed in on itself, and when these pieces of ancient wisdom come to you, they have stories to tell.

Petrified wood is actually a member of the quartz family. It is a stone that encourages patience and slow, steady growth with the ultimate goal of spiritual transformation. These meditation stones are all about being present, in the now. It might surprise you but these are ideal tools for stabilizing the skeletal system, particularly the spine. Useful for past life recall and accessing the Akashic Records, these stones harmonize with all members of the quartz family, and can be used to infuse your grids with grounding energy.

Attuned to your Root and Third Eye Chakras, these meditation stones can be used for shamanic journeying and etheric contact with elders. They are the perfect addition to your altar space or bedside table to bring in protection, draw in grounding energies, and to encourage you to always remain brave and courageous on your journey towards divine truth.