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Crystal Spirits

Red Brecciated Jasper for Mental Clarity

R 10.00

This stone carries all the healing powers of jasper, plus the added benefits of grounding, motivation, and especially offering comfort and peace to those experiencing unjust situations. This stone can help reveal problems, and help to make them right. When held and rubbed, this stone is a soothing ally, melting away stress and worry. It helps to transmute negativity, and stimulates dream recall. This is a Root and Sacral Chakra stone that also works to stimulate and heal sexual blockages.

Brecciate jasper will kick your butt.  It will help people who need to seriously get their stuff together. Is that you? It will help you organise, clean, move stuff out or around, change place or space, and generally do the things you’ve needed to do for a long time. If you’re ready to get down to business, this is the stone for you. It really works.