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Crystal Spirits

Rough Aquamarine Crystals for Courage

R 65.00

Aquamarine is the Stone of Courage. It procures favours from Spirit especially from the Ocean Goddess Salacia. Wonderful stone for sensitive souls - as it filters information reaching the brain, clarifies perceptions and sharpens the brain. 

Carry this aquamarine crystal  with you during the day. It will counteract the forces of darkness , shield your aura and balance your chakras. Its energy will create a character that is disciplined and dynamic - breaking old self defeating habits.

Lie down and place the aquamarine on your thymus. Relax and let your mind wander. The energy of this stone will allow you to receive favours from the spirit world, especially the Goddess of the moon, Selene,  and Ocean Goddess Salacia. Aquamarine will ignite your intuition  and help clear up confusion bringing unfinished business to a conclusion . 

Use this Super Full Moon Eclipse to release and let go and connect with the divine blessings of powerful Goddesses.