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Crystal Spirits

Snowflake Obsidian Large

R 50.00

Snowflake obsidian is powerful medicine. Nothing hides or is hidden from it. It will show you what you need to know about yourself and others, allowing you to gain great clarity about people, places, and events.

You do need to be prepared for this clarity and depth of insight, so be sure you are ready to hold the truth of vision that presents itself through this powerful stone.

Alchemists use snowflake obsidian for shadow work, for integrating all that is repressed. It represents this process of integrating the shadow, and uncovering the hidden parts of the self. Each piece of snowflake obsidian is so distinctive and unique, possessing that rare energy of clarity and intuition.

With its serene, pure nature, this gemstone brings balance to the mind, body, and spirit. It’s one that keeps you centered and focused in the most chaotic of times, working within the Root Chakra. Snowflake obsidian shows harmful, unneeded patterns and opens you to change, healing both present and past life issues. It teaches you how to value mistakes, to learn from past negativity. If you seek balance in times of change, or desire an impetus to change, snowflake obsidian offers magic to keep you surrounded in positive energy.