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Crystal Spirits

Stress Free in 30 Days DVD by Charles Linden

R 240.00 R 99.00

The Stress reducing TV series

Charles Linden's Stress Free in 30 Days DVD offers simple, fast and targeted guidance to show viewers how to quickly and permanently eliminate stress from their lives, regardless of its cause.

Whether your stress is work or home related, this DVD introduces tools to reduce your symptoms, and provides tips to see you through the challenging times, in the most simple, structured, accessible and informative form for people of all ages. With advice on everything from diet, exercise routine and sleep pattern to panic attacks, money worries and relationships, these proven techniques delivered by Charles in his characteristic down-to-earth and calm style will help speed up your recovery and get you feeling great again.

Includes 4 powerful audio tracks to listen to on any device

  • Confidence - How to regain or gain confidence
  • Sleep - Powerful sleep enhancing visualization
  • Empowerment - How to find/refind your authentic inner strength
  • The Meadow - Powerful relaxation audio