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Crystal of The Week: Smokey Quartz

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Crystal of The Week: Smokey Quartz

Lets work with  the Sacred Smoky Quartz Crystal

This is a clear crystal with a dark smoky colour.  It is very powerful and the darkness in it is not negative but rather represents the mysterious ! Its energy is like a laser beam cutting through our density, calming us down and relaxing us . Absolutely perfect energy to work with during this period of isolation. Think of this stone as representing your yin side, the mysteries feminine which resides in all of us.

This serious stone will take you from a lower consciousness to a higher one. It will bring clarity through the darkness, and ignite your intuition. Lore says that in Atlantis it was used as a focal point of energy in trance training.  Used in meditation this stone will assist you to go to the deepest darkest parts of yourself, and bring those pieces back into the light. For those that wish to heal and work on themselves, this crystal is perfect  for introspection work, along with writing in a journal. Dig deep, face the  truth, rediscover your authentic self, and bring that unique being back into the light.