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April Alert

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April Alert

Greetings Anam Cara,

In the month of April we are faced with  strong vibrations of anger and illness stars. Simply put each year we have a certain energy that dominates your earth luck, or in other words you're business, hearth or home. This year heralded great luck for both men and women,  the masters did however warn of  lung infections.  I don't think anyone saw the pandemic we are now facing.

Luckily for all of us here in South Africa - we have been put into self isolation or “lockdown” with our close family. As much as you might feel negative about this situation it is a blessing, and we can thank our lucky stars. This quarantine at home will allow us to relax, take care of our health, contemplate, meditate and go back to basics. It also gives our Mother Earth time to relax, and breathe with less cars, planes and the usual frenzy that fills her every corner!

In the world of Feng Shui the yearly energies are also affected by the monthly flying stars. This month of April , without too much explanation, we have negative flying stars flying into every sector of the house. So make sure your salt cures are working !! For those that choose to - you can add a salt cure to the South-east of your home for the month of April. I have chosen not to do that - I am however making sure the area is clean and decluttered, my fountain is working and my wealth blessing corner shiny and happy.

The best area to spend time this month is in the North-west sector of your home. If this happens to be your TV lounge - good for you. It is also the sector that represents the patriarch - so make sure your “ man” spends lots of time here. This area must be decluttered, smudged and cleansed.  If you feel inspired create a wealth altar here and move your money frog to reside here . Make sure he is facing your wealth direction. You can calculate your kua numbers - by going onto our shopping cart The Crystal Spirits, and checking out our free downloads.We show you how to calculate your number , and find your auspicious directions.

Download our app. To find the inspiration for creating a wealth altar. We hope the we are inspiring you with lots of interesting information. We have lots more up our sleeves. Special thanks for all your beautiful messages and likes on our Facebook page. We so appreciate you.


Lots of blessings