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Day 4 Soul Polishing

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Day 4 Soul Polishing

I woke up this morning - yet something felt amiss. The birds were singing a song in a perfect blended lullaby. I lay in my bed allowing the staccato melody to lead me, its unique punctuations following only a pattern birds would understand. Then is struck me - there was no hum in the background - no sound of traffic…..the beat that had always heralded the beginning of the day - the get up and go coffee signal that had been my every morning - had simply disappeared. Vanished. Then it dawned on me - day 4 of “lockdown”.

 I wondered how every one was enjoying the enforced sabbatical? Were they laying in bed ? Exercising indoors? Watching tv? Meditating? What was everyone up to ? What are you doing ?

 So today back on the road of creative inspiration we do have a few things up our sleeves. I have to tell you before we start, its so funny but everyone is up early - can hear them laughing in the garden, jumping on the trampoline, playing with the dogs. Try that on a regular workday - never! Maybe when we comeback into social reality, we cannot call it norm, as nothing will ever be the same - we could start each and every day differently… there’s something to think about.

How are you going to start each and every day when you get out of lockdown? Will life become more sacred to you? What’s your new Monday morning routine ? Let us know!

Im starting off today by planning some inspiring meditations to get me through the still hours, those times when I hit a slump - when I need to process mental blocks, unburden the soul and release the unnecessary baggage that holds me back. Find new byways, new patterns of thinking... connect with my crystals, and higher my vibrational energy !! Im going to contemplate this in the garden… And then I’ll be back to let you know what Ive come up with…what you doing to do today? Whatever it is make it count beautiful Anam Cara’s - for life is very sacred. I think we are all starting to learn that.

Blessings and ether hugs