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Soul Mastery Journey

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Soul Mastery Journey

Greetings Anam Cara

We are starting this wonderful, insightful  deck by using a single card spread. So that we proceed together I have decided to start with number 1. We have photographed the card - so that you can look at the image and imagine that you are in the picture. Allow the image to be a pathway to your sacred space.Close your eyes and breathe the image in and out. Allow yourself to relax in the knowing that you are opening to inner wisdom and love. When you follow the meditation - if you can - try to see the image in your minds eye. When you reflect and journal - use the photo of the card as inspiration. This meditation can be repeated throughout the next days or week. The more you journal and write - the better.

Try to complete all three section before moving onto the next card.This allows the information to be integrated into your daily life. Information never teaches - it remains a concept until it is experienced. Once experienced you will be able to feel and understand it throughout your body, and decide whether to adopt the material or let it go.

The three sections of the soul mastery class.


These are simple exercises to connect you a little deeper to each card. Meditation is a way to relax the body, quiet the mind and be fully present in the now. When you are relaxed it becomes easier to tune into your souls transmissions. Meditations is also a way  to experience the images and words through your inner world of imagination.

Inspired reflections and actions 

The reflections will help consolidate the theme of the card, while the actions help you to experience the card.

Journal work

These exercises are designed to ground your experiences and understanding through writing. When you anchor your experiences they become  part of your everyday life. This is where you choose what you keep and what you leave on the path. All of these exercises will stimulate your higher intuitive self and you will experience insights, understandings and vivd dreams.