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Feng Shui Cures Cleansing Ritual

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Feng Shui Cures Cleansing Ritual

 We have come to the end of the Chinese Lunar year of the Earth Pig 2019.  Your cures and enhancers have worked very hard to protect you, your home and office. They have absorbed a lot of the bad vibes of whatever affliction they were made to remedy.Having done their job - their power of protection is exhausted. Just as you are after a long run or hard day at the office. Their energies need to be cleansed and renewed before they can effectively protect you for another 365 days. Repositioning Cures and Enhancers without cleansing them is not a good thing to practise; You cannot just relocate them to do a similar job, without clearing and cleansing them. This would be a very dangerous practice.

If you have had your cures for many years it would be time for change as their power has definitely weakened. If your cures and enhancers are chipped and broken, the energy is disturbed and must be replaced. All salt cures must be discarded as well as coins hanging on red ribbon or cord. A damaged bagua mirror, or perhaps products that are tatty and worn, should not be cleansed but rather released with gratitude and replaced with new products.. Some feng shui practitioners only buy new cures as they feel the energy is stronger and more powerful, but as most of us are on budget constrains, I tend to cleanse and charge my Feng Shui cures that are still beautiful and in a good state.

Cleansing Ritual

  1. Sun Water - place a bowl or jug of clean tap water in the open to absorb the rays of the morning sun for at least 6 hours. Bottle and store.
  2. Moon water - place another bowl of water out in the moonlight to capture the moons magical rays. Bottle and store
  3. Salt Water this is best made from rock salt that has been ground down to a fine powder and dissolved in clear tap water.
  4. If you wish you can also take rough salt and rub it over your Feng Shui items. Do not  damage or scratch your cures.
  5. Hold your  product and cleanse first with your salt water. Please do not use an old cloth, take a brand new cloth and use it for this ritual. Discard it afterwards. Rinse throughly with a bowl of fresh water - to remove the salt residue. 
  6. Next sprinkle your “ cleansing waters over the products. It doesn’t matter in which order you use the waters.
  7. While doing this you can chant a mantra, or affirmation - find one that feels right for you. A suggestion is “Om ah Hum” repeated over and over agin - or “ I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and negativity from this……….….this is my will so mote it be.
  8. Wipe dry with another fresh clean cloth.
  9. After cleansing your products leave them out in the sun or moon - your choice - for at least three hours.
  10. Some people leave their cures in cupboards - unused for a further three days - that is up to you.
  11. Always rinse your hands with salt or purification sprays after performing a sacred ritual.

Empowering The Cures and Enhancers

Now that your cures and enhancers are cleansed before you place them in your home or office you must charge them.


  1. Take your product and pass it through the smoke of an incense or smudge bundle. Use a good quality incense.
  2. While passing them through the smoke visualise them filling with gold protective energy.
  3. Chant a blessing mantra or empowering affirmation “ I command this …….to hold the intention of protection and power against all negative  energies that flow towards my sacred space. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
  4. You can create your own mantra or chant.
  5. For those that have bought new cures and enhancers make sure you wipe them down with a clean cloth - you can spray the product with our smudge sprays, or make your own moon water.
  6. Pass your product through incense smoke with a sacred blessing setting its intention.
  7. Always rinse your hands with salt after a ritual.
  8. Please don’t forget that you need to smudge and cleanse your home or office  throughout the year. The best time of the month is during the waning moon. The more you cleanse - the higher the positive and abundant energetic vibration.