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Eclipse Season is Upon Us

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Eclipse Season is Upon Us
Wishing you a Happy Earth Day! We think Earth Day is so very special as it is a day to celebrate our life giving Mother Earth!

April was book- ended by two new moons - and we are about to celebrate the Black New Moon on the 30th April- and a partial new moon Solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. We are  already feeling the vibes of this eclipse season. 

Since the moon takes 29.5 days to complete a lunar cycle each calendar month, it’s rare that two new moons can be squeezed into a single month.But every so often—or, to be exact, every 2.7 years—we get a month with two new moons in it! Normally, there is only one new moon and one full moon per month—in other words, a total of 12 full moons per solar calendar year. In black moon years, there are 13 new moons on the calendar, a “bonus moon” if you will.

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