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Creating A Venus Shrine

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Creating A Venus Shrine

We cannot wait for this wonderful long easter weekend from 15th April to 18th April. A time of deep contemplation on one of the most powerful ascended masters, Jesus, his teachings and his sacrifice- and the messages he left for all to follow.

It will also be a time of family celebrations- love and laughter and chocolate eggs brought by magical bunnies. The balance between fantasy and practicality is always amazing. Between the mystic and the scientific realms. Between Yin and Yang. 

We have subconsciously been integrating these worlds- learning to balance our emotions, learning to search deeply within our souls to grasp a higher understanding of this galaxy we find ourselves in.

A simple way to start is self care or self awareness. This can be in the form a of a day as the Spa, reading a good book on the couch, lunching with people we love or perhaps indulging in a simple ritual that expresses our inner mojo. 

Venus rituals are something all women should make time for. By simply using astrology or working with days that represent Venus we can remind ourselves that We are important. That self care and self love should be part of our daily practice alongside, yoga, pottery, cooking ,working and house cleaning.

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