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Full Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight is the Full Moon in Virgo 27 degrees at 09H18- so don't forget to download our Free Full Moon pdf. It is also two days before the  Aries Autumn Equinox on Sunday 20th March.

This is not just a ‘day celebration'. This is the astrological new year. Energetically on this day, we set the tone for the coming year. Vibrationally the ripples of this energy will be felt throughout the next 12 months- and it is high voltage and irruptive!

Aries is a powerful energy- volatile, fiery and has the tendency to explode! We see this already happening in the 3D world. If you are reading this newsletter- you are already interested and invested in all matters spiritual  So while we all have to live and survive here on planet Earth- we also have to take care of our spiritual selves. 

Soul matters are a must this year!



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