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How do Crystals Work?

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How do Crystals Work?

Here’s hoping you are still enjoying the powerful vibe of the best new moon ever! If you haven’t written down your wishes for this New Moon in Pisces please download our free new moon pdf- and make sure that you write down your intentions not only for this month - but the year of 2022. 

On the 6th of March Venus and Mars enter Aquarius. Signalling the power of fiery love in the collective consciousness. We are no longer working with earth energy- but air energy (Aquarius). This signals that we need to think more collaboratively than individually. Finding our tribal family has never been as important as it is now. Connecting with your frequency family- with whom you can create and cohabitate. 

Never before has the frequency of the crystal kingdom been stronger- and more needed by humankind. Your crystals are your best friends! They give their energy so freely, so lovingly and all they want to do is help you in any way they can. 


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