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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Weekend ūüĆĚ

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Weekend ūüĆĚ

Greetings Anam Cara,

On Sunday  July 5th we celebrate the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the final eclipse in this trilogy . The next huge portal we will experience will be in December  2020.  This Full Moon is at 13 degrees Capricorn.  We have to also pay attention to the number 13 in this cosmic cauldron. 

 This number in the Tarot represents Death. This does not mean a physical death - but  a transition of ones spiritual soul . It symbolises death and rebirth, going through a period of struggle and moving on to new beginnings. Releasing what was and creating something new. 

Capricorn one of the Cardinal astrological signs,  is ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s energy teaches one to work through limitations and adversity.  It helps you maintain integrity  when it comes to your own beliefs. It is also heavily associated with boundaries. As discussed in our previous newsletter - boundaries are a must. They draw energetic lines in the sand , they save your energy, stop resentment from being emotionally abused and they earn the respect of not only those around you, but mostly of yourself. 

Boundaries are important. Another word for boundaries could be Self-love.

Saturn is often associated with endings. A full moons energies are for releasing and letting go. An eclipse amplifies all the energies at that specific moment - so you are getting a triple whammy ! 13 is the number of the Goddess and of¬† ‚Äúdying‚ÄĚ and being reborn. ¬†

This eclipse weekend leaves no doubt about the energies it will amplify and cosmically connect with. Everything is to do with letting go, surrendering to the knowledge that you can ‚Äúdie‚ÄĚ and be reborn , that you can¬†establish boundaries¬†that lead to respect and that you can script a new beginning for yourself.

This weekend make sure you take sacred time out for you. Cleanse your home and your aura. Detach and avoid all the drama - spend time - analysing and letting go of all the worries and limitations you have imposed on yourself. Release it with the full moons energy as it takes your worries and “wanes“ away. 

During this Full Moon Eclipse weekend quietly plan your rebirth, set your new boundaries, focus on your desires and wishes. Then on the New Moon 20th July - hit that restart button. 

Remember to place all your¬† ‚Äúcrystal family‚ÄĚ ¬†out in the moonlight to receive her loving energy to cleanse their matrixes ¬† and hit their restart button.

Lots of Full moon blessings.

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