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Eclipse Trilogy Finale ūüĆĚ

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Eclipse Trilogy Finale ūüĆĚ

Greetings Anam Cara,

Mid week Wednesday and the 1st of July! In 4 days time we celebrate another eclipse and a full Moon. The final one in this eclipse trilogy till the month of December. Make sure you are  planning your  full moon ritual for Sunday evening. Most importantly this is the moon to release old programming held in the matrixes of your beautiful crystals, and to recharge their batteries. So remember to place them in the moonlight. You might even consider making Moon water for all the magical elixirs you are going to create later.

We have been going through so much change with this  pandemic that has touched us globally.  The way we know life, and the way we use to  conduct daily duties has certainly changed.  Emotionally, physically and mentally it has tested us!

Considering all of this we have to restructure perhaps re-invent ourselves to cope with all these changes which have been thrust upon us. This is the perfect cosmic energetic time to plan, restructure and become resourceful. You cannot just do this in your mind- that could be labelled day-dreaming. You have to put pen to paper and make a life map covering the next few months. 

You can build new foundations , no matter the circumstances. Simply  just redesign small areas of your life. Change some habits, behavioural patterns and the words you say. By these simple actions, everything will have to change around you  - its the law of the Universe.

Let us use an example of what I am talking about- setting boundaries. 

Most woman have boundary issues, which leads them to feelings of frustration because they are taken so for granted. So begin with that idea.  Start establishing new boundaries, that make you feel more empowered . You can carry crystals which will support you in this endeavour. You can use sacred blends of essential oils that will give you more courage, you can get better sleep to recharge your batteries and you can protect your energy field and your personal aura and energy.

If you change, everything has to change around you.

So use this Full moon Lunar  Eclipse to release negative patterns  and self limiting fears. This full moon will be extremely powerful. Remember the energy that eclipses bring is that they triple the moon’s vibrational energy.

Plan and schedule what it is you want to restructure - and then connect with this Powerful Full Moon and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. This is the last eclipse till  the month of December. Don't miss out on the Magic!

Here is to Eclipsing all your self-imposed limitations.

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