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How Do You Show Up In Love?

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How Do You Show Up In Love?

Are you even showing up in your relationship? Or are you expecting your partner to be everything? Yet, giving little in return- because of self sabotaging fears, past wounds and emotional blocks. 

The irony of life is that we spend so much time searching for Mr or Mrs  right! All our energy goes into the search for that special someone. However, have we ever thought about putting all that energy we have into one person? Perhaps the “now not so mr right/ husband“  next to us? Peeling layers, and layers away and learning who that person truly is? This is called intimacy. In-to-me-see. Ironically, as we peel the layers away- we will be peeling our own layers from our heart chakra, and opening our divine intelligence for personal self growth. Creating  conscious relationships- be they romantic or friendships- it's hard work. We have to choose to show up! 

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