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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Here’s hoping you are already energetically connecting with one of the most beautiful and best planetary happenings in 2022. On the 12th of April, we have Jupiter conjunct Neptune 10H42 at 23 degrees in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune come together every 13 years- but in the sign of Pisces only every 166 years. The last time this happened was in 1856. This is a powerful combination as Jupiter's energy expands everything, Pisces is a water- sign and Neptune is the Lord of the Sea in mythology. So be prepared for boundless water- might be flooding and a highly emotional period. 

Jupiter's orbit lasts about 12 years- so the planet usually spends about a year in each Zodiac sign. Neptune has a 165-year orbit which means it stays about 14 years in a Zodiac house. You will feel the effects of Jupiter in about a year- but it always blesses one with beneficial success in whatever area of your life it is residing in. 

If you find yourself going through lots of obstacles at the moment don't think you are alone. With Mars conjunct  Saturn on the 5th of April, you could be caught up in the energy of pure frustration. Things that you planned might be delayed or might have come to an abrupt end. You might not be getting what you want- or in the timeline period, you imagined. It is time to step back and see whether the idea, project or relationship is worth carrying on or perhaps it is time to end that particular pursuit of your life. Remember, metal, or mental, as I call it is missing in the Feng Shui Paht Chee chart this year, 2022. Be mindful of thinking things through - step back before you make a decision-process the information and then proceed. 



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