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Our Store Makeover

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Our Store Makeover
As we settle back into our routines and ease into 2022 we would like to extend a massive thank you to every one of you for all the love and support of our new store, we are so very proud of how it came out and are so glad you love it as much as we do! To those who haven't yet had the chance to come through we look so forward to welcoming you. 

Our re-opening was magical- we felt the energy of all the elementals and shop spirits celebrating with us as we smiled with delight, happy to see you once again. Thank you for all your well wishes and we are so happy you like the new look.

We hope we have created a place for you to just be! A place where you can relax and simply breathe. Our logo is a dandelion- a simple humble “flower” that with one single breath can make your wishes come true. It is the only flower that represents the three celestial bodies - the sun, the moon and the stars. 


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