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Year of the Tiger

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Year of the Tiger

2021 made so many of us feel depressed as if we were weighed down by a feeling of futility- many of us were not even looking forward to 2022. However, I have had a feeling that over this short festive season we all had time to enjoy ourselves. For those who like travelling, you escaped to the coast or bush. For those who loved chilling at home- you got to hide behind your walls- lie on the grass and contemplate life. For those who carried on working through this time- you lived in cities that Became quieter and therefore felt more spacious. All of these things Allowed us all to simply breathe - and hit that refresh button. 

I know this will be an exciting year - albeit an extremely busy year. So be prepared. Make sure you have decluttered stuff- both physical and mental!

Next - place the Feng Shui Cures in your home and business. You want vibrational energy to be at an all-time high so that success and happiness filter into your life. Last year, in 2021 many of our clients successfully negotiated the year by placing the correct cures in the correct areas of their homes and businesses.

We have just finished renovating The Crystals Spirits- capturing the essence of this year of the Powerful tiger. We not only worked with the 2022 flying stars but also infused the energy of the Lunar mansions in our decision-making process. Our aim was to Harness cosmic vibrations for blessings from the spirit and to create a sacred space to nurture your spiritual lifestyle.

We know that this will become your second home . A special place  to spend time reviving your spirit and delighting your soul.



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