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Solar Eclipse- Winter Solstice Weekend Celebrations🌚

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Solar Eclipse- Winter Solstice Weekend Celebrations🌚

Greetings Anam Cara,

What a significant and ecliptic weekend we are celebrating in the middle of 2020. We have come through a lockdown and isolation period of over 3 billion people- just that thought alone is “mind-blowing”. This weekend of the 20/21st June we celebrate (in the Southern Hemisphere) the Winter solstice, or as some would know it- the longest night of the year. We also celebrate a Solar Eclipse with this New Moons energy!

Any eclipse is a significant event in the heavens! In truth, a solar eclipse is really a new moon on steroids- the energy is tripled!

Do not let this cosmic energy go to waste. Find time and space this weekend to make sure that you are connected to your inner Goddess, and higher self to honour this powerful cosmic energy. 

Astrologically, the sun reflects our core will and essence. It reveals the qualities that we manifest as we mature (giving it a future-oriented quality) and the path we must walk to step into an independent, unique expression of our being. As such it is the organising force of the psyche through which is filtered all experience, both internal and external. The sun relates to consciousness.  In growing more conscious of ourselves and our motivation we step more deeply into its life-giving energy. 

Whilst life does indeed deal unexpected cards and everyone is blindsided- sometimes, being able to trace our own footsteps and fingerprints among what may at first look like a pile of rubble enables us to take stock.

Nonetheless, we may be tempted into victim mentality at this time. Convinced we are being punished or scapegoated, unfairly treated or powerless to effect change in our lives. But we are only victims if we allow something or someone to dictate our state of mind and heart, instead of rising up, sovereign even in the face of our greatest challenge. To do the latter we must understand how our mind and heart work: what triggers our own personal spiral into despair or hopelessness, anger or confusion.

 At this present moment, there’s simply no time to wait for feelings to change of their own accord . We must be masters of our destiny and agents of necessary change. Within the darkness of a solar eclipse we need to hold our centre and stand firm, allowing whatever occurs to penetrate us to our deepest core and speak its wisdom. We may not want to hear this particular piece of wisdom right away, but the least we can do is write it down and return to it later. We can rest assured, before too long,  it will be central to our lives and how we live them.

So with the power of this weekend - working with the divine forces of the cosmos and Mother Earth- its time to celebrate your uniqueness and your beauty. To own your Goddess energy - and to find the inner strength and confidence to celebrate your life in the way you want to. 

Hope that you celebrate this exciting and high energetic weekend.

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