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Crystal Spirits

Full Moon Scented Candle

R 99.00

Oudh Scented Candle

Each candle is infused with essential oils and are created with a blend of waxes that ensure a blissful experience. Only 10% of the candle is made with paraffin wax! They take more than a week to make as the wax is scented and allowed to set over a period of time. Then the next layer is added. All of this is done by a small team of trained candle craftsmen. This candle burns up to 17 hours!

Please Note : The candle is sold individually.


Light our Full Moon Ritual candle on the evening of the Full Moon, and burn continuously until you reach the black half of the candle, then only light the black half of the candle upon the New Moon, again burning continuously until the candle has burnt completely.