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How is this New Moon Solar Eclipse effecting your Sign?

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How is this New Moon Solar Eclipse effecting your Sign?

Your home, family or lifestyle takes centre stage when the new moon falls in the sign of Cancer on June 21. It’s also the day of the Winter Solstice and this date brings a solar eclipse too so it has added potency. Eclipses are not evil omens, but they can bring changes that might at first feel uncomfortable but may ultimately lead to a better situation all round. You might move back into or back out of your family home, or into someone else’s, or decide you’d rather run your own household your own independent way. You could decide to work from home permanently, finally make peace with your family, buy a new place, nurture yourself and others more, detox some bad habits or unload the baggage of inherited family issues. The added eclipse factor suggests that while you may be gung ho to get ahead with home or family plans, it’s wise to proceed with caution as there may be underlying factors that are yet to be revealed.

How the new moon in Cancer on June 21 influence your sign? Find out below.

What to expect from the new moon effect: it’s likely that your home life has gone through some changes over the past two years and that’s partly due to the series of eclipses that have been shaking up your foundations in this area. This month’s eclipse is the last to have an influence on your home or lifestyle for many years, so whatever gets shaken up now should help things fall nicely into place for you. There may be some initial discomfort, but your goal now is to finesse your living arrangements through to December by which time this month’s new moon will have expanded to become a full moon in Cancer. If tensions have been rising at home, this month is an ideal time to start afresh with family or with other people who share your living space.

What to expect from new moon effect: have you felt like you’ve lost the art of communication lately? It’s been ‘every woman for herself’ in recent months and the joys of connecting and caring for others may have had to wait while self preservation has been the name of the social isolation game. Let your caring side be revitalised now as the new moon opens up a desire to protect and serve. Whether it’s being an active member of a work WhatsApp chat group that you’d usually avoid, or helping vulnerable neighbours with shopping or meals, or baking return-to-work goodies to share, let this be the new, nurturing you. Being an active part of your community makes you a more valued member of society and will keep you in the local loop too, as the eclipse may hold important information that you might miss out on if you remain aloof.

What to expect from new moon effect: nurturing your finances is the key theme of June’s new moon for you. What can you do to make your funds grow and work for you, to keep you, your home and family in the lifestyle you love? A home-inspired side hustle could emerge now, or you might downsize or move in with friends or family to share and save costs. Eating in may become the new dining out for you, as you aim to increase your culinary skills. Rather than bearing the cost and the load of preparing a full-blown dinner party yourself, try pot luck gatherings where friends each bring a course to share, so long as social distancing rules permit. Build towards a new way of living, earning, spending and saving. You’re in charge of your destiny for the next two years so make a mental blueprint of how you’d like life to be in 2022 and go for it, starting now.

What to expect from new moon effect: this month’s new moon falls in your own sign, as a clear indication that you’re due for a makeover. If you’ve been rocking sweatpants and the ‘I woke up like this’ look to death, dare to glam it up now. Just because you’ve been at home there’s no excuse to let yourself go. Since this new moon also coincides with an eclipse, this is more than just a superficial refresh, it hints that there’s more going on under the surface and that an outward upgrade is a signal for a need for internal change too. Eclipses can speed things up, by closing one door (sometimes slamming it unexpectedly!) to force a change that will put you on your correct life path, and a positive outlook and better nutrition go hand-in-hand now to get you back in sync with the world outside your window.

What to expect from new moon effect: a build up to your best frame of mind in a long time starts now, with a new moon and eclipse that eliminate the negative and allow you to accentuate the positive. Nurture your mind this month and your body will thank you. Console yourself over things that haven’t worked out or love that went wrong in the same way that you’d console a friend or loved one, and stop beating yourself up about the past. You have added mental strength and energy now to move on from behaviour that you might not have been aware of that you act out subconsciously. Allow a further six months for real change to evolve to break the repetitive cycle, and be kind to yourself in the process.

What to expect from new moon effect: friends get to reunite this month in ways that will warm your heart and soul. Thanks to this month’s potent new moon, a meeting of minds is likely, one that could put you on a group quest that could change your world or even change the world. Not everyone you know will be onboard with the innovative ideas you offer up now and some of your tribe could leave to do their own thing, but the potential for hooking up with new kindred spirits is high. Caring for each other is highlighted now, whether it’s caring for your community or for those who may not be related to you but who feel like extended family, so consider what you can do to help spread the love.

What to expect from new moon effect: the beauty of a new moon is its ability to wipe clean the past and let you start afresh. June’s new moon puts a rosy glow onto your career. If you haven’t felt the love at work lately this lunar influence will help to put that right. You blossom in a work environment that feels like home or family to you, one that gives you a cause to protect and to strive for. The dynamics may settle down after recent isolation or restrictions, or it could be time to start seeking a work role where you feel more ‘at home’ or one that allows you to continue to work from home. As with all eclipses, not all the information you need will be readily up front, so take nothing that happens now for granted. What comes out of this situation over the next six months will ultimately be more beneficial for you than being stuck in a non-nurturing rut.

What to expect from new moon effect: June’s new moon encourages you to step out of your usual territory and allow yourself to enter the unknown. With a potentially life-altering eclipse to factor in, this could involve an actual relocation to somewhere new and unexplored but may also centre on expanding your knowledge and life experiences. Best of all, perhaps, it’s not something you need to do alone. Believe that ‘when the student is ready, the master will appear’, so gurus and leading lights could emerge to guide your way. It might even be you who will be guiding others. The internet, study, spirituality and travel are all highlighted now and over the six months, as you’re about to enter a brave new world.

What to expect from new moon effect: prepare for some soul-searching this month as the new moon plus a second eclipse targets your most secret and hidden side, linked to passion, sex and to any financial partnerships or obligations you may have. New moons bring the courage to change, so while this might feel intense it could also be cathartic, enabling you to face any fears around intimacy or money or to leave a situation where you feel manipulated or controlled. Emotional strength that might usually be lacking in these areas for you becomes more abundant and nurturing now, even if the transition feels uncomfortable while it’s in progress, as this eclipse will help to put you on the right track.

What to expect from new moon effect: June’s new moon brings clarity with your closest relationships. Whether business or personal, you might realise you’ve that recently had either too much say or not enough say in how a partnership is run. You might have lost your identity within a couple, or softened the ‘real’ you so that lines have blurred a little too much in a work connection. Alternatively, you might have been averse to compromise, so that the other half of your dynamic duo feels they have no choice but to issue ultimatums now. If solo, the eclipse and new moon give you a chance to reboot your approach to partnerships, so that you realise what’s been missing from past connections in order to draw in a better one, or to help you realise that in fact you’re absolutely fine and life’s less complicated by staying independent, just as you are.

What to expect from new moon effect: if health has been all about the physical side of things for you lately then this month’s new moon and eclipse send a signal to add a more spiritual element to self-care. The same applies to anything you do that’s part of your daily routines – instead of ‘the same old same old’, you’ll get more out of repetitive but necessary tasks if you seek a deeper sense of purpose to them, so consider the ‘how and why’, not just the ‘what’ of doing them. Nurturing your work life is also highlighted now and if something’s been missing from the daily grind, a way to give your job more purpose is likely to emerge. This doesn’t have to be a huge revelation or a big change, but even a subtle alteration in your routines could make a significant difference to you now and over the next six months.

What to expect from new moon effect: the new moon hits you where you’re creative this month, and hints that you’ve been hiding away your unique talents for far too long. An event or situation could occur to bring you to the attention of someone important, and you might make a breakthrough with a musical or artistic skill you’re attempting to learn, or even with a romance or with plans to start a family. A revelation about using a different approach could surface, to help you get your wish. The emphasis now is on nurturing, pleasure and fulfilment and perhaps taking a little bit of a risk to help make good things happen.

Reference : Vogue magazine.

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