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Structuring Your Thinking Patterns

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Structuring Your Thinking Patterns

Greetings Anam Cara,

It's the week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday July 5th, and the final eclipse in this trilogy . The next huge portal we will experience will be in December  2020.  This Full Moon is at 13 degrees Capricorn. 

The stellar constellation of Capricorn is represented by the Sea-Goat whose mythology extends back to the middle Bronze ages.  In Greek mythology, Capricorn is associated with Pricus, the father of a race of intelligent and honourable sea-goats. Pisces tried to protect his children ,who lost their ability to speak and think when they ventured onto dry land. He tried to turn back time to avoid this loss. Eventually he had to surrender losing all his children to the wild, and was given an immortal home in the heavens as the constellation of Capricorn.

Capricorn is represented by the element of earth with is grounded and logical . The energy of this sign is hard work and focus to achieve ones goals, all aspects of finance and leadership. Capricorn is about tangibility and  building a structure and welding material power. Its energy is very resourceful and well prepared. It mirrors  the activities of winter ( in the Southern Hemisphere). Building structures, fires to keep you warm, hunting for food and stocking it in the pantry and gathering your tribe close so they are all warm, nurtured  and well taken care of .

Working with these cosmic energies this is a time to be well organised and structured in your thinking patterns. It is a time to be productive and disciplined. Over the next two weeks you need to schedule time for contemplation and meditation. Not the kind with a glass of wine - but one with a journal - scheduling goals and structuring blocks of time of how you are planning the next months leading up to  December. The goals you set, the time you allocate to those goals or visions  and check points throughout the schedule to make sure you are monitoring your progress. 

I would even go as far as finding an “accountable buddy” . Someone who perhaps joins you on this success road - and you both hold each other accountable to reach the targets and visions you have set yourself.  This is a time of inter - dependency, of people supporting each other through difficult times and , at present,  life altering circumstances. The energy of Capricorn does not shy away from commitment - in fact it relishes in it and expects it from those who surround them. So work with this energy to and release “ lazy” habits that hold your back.

You have the whole week to plan and play - and create a Magical Full Moon Weekend. 

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