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Crystal Spirits

Blue Kyanite

R 50.00

Kyanite is also a powerful stone to use - especially for healers who assist clients through troubled times. This has a high vibration which creates rapid transference of energy!  Blue Kyanite opens psychic channels and activates the mind centres helping you to download information from your spirit guides and angels.  If you choose to sleep with blue kyanite the process of lucid dreaming is stimulated. If you have problems in negotiations this energy will help you find a common frequency. Carrying this stone will protect your aura from negative intrusions.  

It can help bridge energy gaps caused by bone breakages or surgery and intensive trauma. It also helps heal the the brain from the effects of head trauma, seizures or strokes.  It creates a new neural pathway around damaged areas. For those undergoing huge changes in your life carrying kyanite can help to shift your perception of the world - inviting positive change by being more open to receive it. It allows you to forge new and unique pathways by bringing your skills, interests and knowledge to the table.  Its crystal structure makes an ideal transmitter of energy from one being to another. Kyanite can transmit energy from a facilitator to client - and be used to enhance telepathy between two people . This is such an underestimated crystal . You should have a few in your spiritual toolbox and  Kyanite Pendants to wear.