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Crystal Spirits

Iyanla Vanzant- Tips For Daily Living

R 320.00

New York Times bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant has created the Tips for Daily Living card deck to help you address some critical life issues. Each card presents a question for you to consider, which, when answered honestly, will support you in creating a new vision of yourself.

This card deck supports the sage advice, "Live today surrendering your will to God, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." The charismatic spiritual leader Iyanla Vanzant knows how easy it is to stay stuck in "old ways, holding on to resentments, beliefs, decisions, agreements, judgments, and ideas that may have become habitual." Through these tips, Vanzant hopes to show readers that the easiest way to create change is to simply shift your attitude daily. "We often work so hard to get the things we want that we miss the fact that it is the landscape of the inner world that stands between us and true happiness."

In each message, Vanzant names an old way of thinking and offers readers a new attitude to try on." For example, Vanzant writes, "You may have believed that you had to stay in the painful hole of hurt caused by loss or hurt. Use these tips to make a conscious effort and choice to cover the hole and move on." Pick a card each day . . . and discover the life you've always dreamed of!