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Crystal Spirits

Cracking the Coconut Code: 7 Insights to Transform Your Life by Mary Jo McCabe, John Edward

R 185.00

After 25 years of helping other people find their life purpose, Mary Jo McCabe has compiled her experience and knowledge into this fascinating book, which will help you take control of your future by understanding your past and present. By following Mary Jo's sage advice, you'll learn how to "get to the milk in the coconut," hence, Cracking the Cocunut Code. Mary Jo, in her seven life-transforming steps, will teach you what has been within your reach all along and how to hear your soul's voice. Each page of this book is a serious invitation to begin breaking the silence that exists between your self and your soul. Mary Jo engages the topic of finding the beauty of life and challenges you to go within yourself to grasp the undiscovered blessings waiting for you, that is, to take control of your life and future. This book is for all of you who truly seek God, and thus, peace.