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Crystal Spirits

Plancheite for Courage

R 50.00

Plancheite is a stone of courage. It gives strength in times of stress and difficulty, boosting your confidence and raising vibrations. This gemstone protects from negativity, both energy and influence, so that you remain focused and unswayed on the path to your goals. It keeps you centered, working to increase your persistence and stave off all that can sway you in directions that do not serve your ambitions.

Yet plancheite, with its soft blue coloring, is also a communication aid. It engages both the throat and third eye chakras, helping to communicate with information and guidance of Higher realms. Plancheite connects both of these chakras to enhance your clarity of mind and your ability to articulate your thoughts. Used by many to develop psychic abilities, this gemstone can lead to greater knowledge from the cosmos and impart lessons from astrology.