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The Crystal Spirits

Small Selenite Heart

R 110.00


Selenite promotes clarity, joy, beauty, and higher realm connection. It also magnifies wealth and influence. The Greeks named selenite after the moon goddess Selene, who has the power to awaken intuition and bring psychic visions and vivid dreams. It’s especially powerful under the full moon and holds a vibration of ceremony and wisdom. Selenite also helps you fall and stay asleep, bringing peaceful sleep. Selenite is fragile – be careful not to get it wet – but it is quite strong, which makes it similar to us as spiritual beings, tender and yet strong in our own ways.

Hold this heart in your pocket, keep it on your altar, or place it in any space that could benefit from its serene medicine. However you choose to work with yours, may it surround you in its peaceful and purifying energy. And so it is.