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Crystal Spirits

Yellow Opal Tumbled

R 15.00

Beautiful and gemmy tumbled opals activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, and bring you into a Divine state of peace and inner harmony; they bring a comfort which emanates from a deep place. Opals in general are believed to be the footprints of the Divine on Earth. These yellow pieces are tumbled, untreated, and harvested from sacred lands of West Africa, an ancient place of power and connectedness to the Universe, from where many of our lineages begin.

Opals are magic. Our Greek ancestors believed opals were the footprints of the gods as they left Mount Olympus to descend into the mortal realm. Looking upon the magic, the fire, the depth of such a stone, this explanation seems fitting. Yellow opals are specifically for harmonizing our emotions. They can help us increase our positive thinking,  because as we think, so we behave. Think wild and free, comfortable in your own skin. That’s what yellow opal brings, its gifts to you.