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Preparing our homes and offices for the new Feng Shui Year

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Preparing our homes and offices for the new Feng Shui Year

Preparing our homes and offices for the year of the water tiger is keeping us all rather busy. As I have said before it is a fantastic year for success and growth- but only if you Feng shui your home and plan your year with the precision of a general in the army. If the year feels overwhelming- break it down into three-month chunks. The more you plan your year-  and write it down in weekly schedules  - be it romantic, fun, or wealth-related - the more success you will have this year. 

In 2022 the 5# star of misfortune flies into the centre of every home and household. It brings all kinds of bad luck. Beware in open-plan homes this negative energy can filter throughout your house into all the other areas. so it is very important to suppress its negative vibration. You have to place a salt cure here- to help absorb this star's powerful negative force!

Yes, it may sound like a simple everyday element we use all the time, but salt is an ancient mineral with precious cleansing properties, that has been used for many, many years for clearing all around the world! It is known for its ability to absorb negative and low energies in a space, thus leaving the energy fresh, pure and feeling new. The salt water cure in Feng Shui blends the strong cleansing effects of salt and water combined with the chemical reaction between metal and salt. For this effect, we only use the traditional metal Chinese Coins- not South African coin money. For those of you who do not know how to make a salt cure please click through to this link - and we will guide you.

The other important area for a salt cure in 2022 is the South West area of your home or office. The #2 of illness flies into this area bringing all kinds of misfortune for the matriarch or older women in the household. If you are a woman in a leadership or management role within a business make sure you place a salt cure in the southwest area of your office. Add a selenite pagoda in the northeast area. You can also add a small fountain in the North East for positive money flow and success in your ventures. The selenite pagoda with its gentle yet high angelic vibration brings the possibilities of wealth and opportunities. Please remember Do not sit facing northeast this year- and make sure your back is not facing the north- even if South is your direction of success. Spray the office with our protection spray - to help deflect negative energies, and add the wealth office kit to harness your luck. 


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